What Makes a Home a CBGB Certified Home?

A Certified Home Energy Rater, using the CBGB’s checklist point system, provides a measurement of the level of the GreenBuilding techniques used in the construction of a Green home. A CBGB home will be inspected and tested at several different points during its construction for compliance to the program. When the home is completed, and the final CBGB testing is done, the GreenBuilt home will then be awarded a CBGB Certification.

CBGB checklists measure Green Building in 7 different areas:

  • Site, Materials and Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency (and Alternative Energy Sources)
  • Water Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Quality (A Healthy Home)
  • Moisture ControlHomeowner Education
  • Global Impact Statement
There are four different levels of CBGB Greenbuilt, based upon the point accumulation from the checklist. A Level 1 Green Home requires a score of 45 points, while a Level 2 Silver is 60 points. A Level 3 Gold Home must score 75 points, while the highest Level, Platinum, must achieve a score of 100.